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Jul 26, 2011 1:00am PDT
quite progressively. in fact, the deal for a $7 billion investment into reliance industry in india, it was clear last friday, hit all three exploration blocks but 21, they're hoping it pays off in the near future. they have challenges in russia. as you know, they've been trying to go into the arctic with a new partner. that's still tied up in the courts in russia. we don't know the payback in russia. so far, as of last week, he's moving aggressively because he's picked up new fields in the caribbean which he thinks are going to hold big promise for deep water. again, he's moved aggressively. he's an american ceo but a british company trying to turn things around. the payback hasn't come just yet. it's interesting to know the peak of the stock came two weeks before the spill and we're down 27% from the peak of 2010. so he had the wind in his sails then. >> and 2.5% today actually. >> yeah. so we're looking at a 27% drop before the results came up today. the real proof in fuding is what's going to happen in the year forward. can he get the new contracts in india to produce? can the r
Jul 25, 2011 6:30pm PDT
, it is also right inthe heart of the high growth economies such as india, china and the regional grouping of asean... estimated by press metal to consume more than two-thirds of world production. >>the building of bakun dam, and other hydro-schemes in the so-called sarawak corridor of renewable energy (or score) has not been without controversy. 10,000 people were relocated when their traditional tribal land was flooded in the construction of bakun dam. conservationists have waged an intense campaign against the development; but community leaders also see advantages: >>uma belor: the school for instance is nearer which is wonderful for the children. and it's easieralso for us to communicate with the government as well. and we have clinics where we can go and other offices nearby. >>reporter: the international hydropower association is working with environmental champions such asthe world wildlife fund and has developed the hydropower sustainability assessment protocol to limit the social and environmental impacts. >>from canada, to china and the wilds of borneo... hydro power is attractin
Jul 25, 2011 7:00pm PDT
table, about 160 meters long was put on display saturday in the middle of a road in the ltle india area of singapore. singapore hopes that the guinness world records will endorse the bid. the organizers put on the event as part of the city's food festival managing to sell 550 seats to hungry customers. >> i always want to come down here. it's fantastic. i think they are doing a really, really fun thing. and indian food is going to be good. so this is nice. >> the organizers planned the table at 120 meters but had to lengthen it as demand rose. try fitting that table into your dining room. but way to go, singapore. and that wraps up our bulletin. >>> hello there. welcome to your weather update. we're looking at changeable weather across japan today. lots of thunderstorms bubbling up in the afternoon. especially along the mountains. do watch out for those strong thunderstorms, as well as gusty conditions. back behind this, this low pressure system continues to move slowly across northeastern china. we are hearing reports of heavy downpours in the area. it looks like that rain will clear o
Jul 25, 2011 5:30pm PDT
generics from this factory in india because they didn't meet safety standards. and recalled generics from a u.s. manufacturer because some of the pills were too big. still, the fda maintains generics are just as tested, just as safe, as name brands. >> the generic drug is the e ect same chemical and the exact same milligram amount of the exact same active ingredient. these are the blockbuster drugs that have become generically available and the only difference is their lower cost. >> reporter: while generic medications are required to contain the exact same amount of active ingredients as the original, we learned something interesting totoy. the filler ingredients which is the thing that actually binds the medicine together, can be different. and a very small number of patients have negative reactions to those fillers. so, diane, they say if you take one of these new generics and you have any kind of problem, call your doctor immediately. >> you and i talked about the fact that with generics, a lot of them are white and they look alike. it's harder to distinguish. >> there is real concern
Jul 26, 2011 11:00am EDT
video games in india's fastest growing markets. so good going for disney. overall, it's a flat day for our markets here in the u.s. that's all i have for you, barbara. >> that's a lot. thanks a lot. we'll see you later. >> thanks. >>> the latest round of extreme heat and humidity may have left your skin red and you dealing with itchy bumps. the hot weather can also cause some other problems as well. and dr. cheryl burgess is here to talk about how to treat the heat-related problems. let's start with the biggest one for many people, which is heat rash. what causes it and how can you deal with it? is it specific to just certain people? >> heat rash is -- it's a phenomenon that we see when the body is actually trying to sweat faster than the body will allow it. and the heat will -- the sweat will accumulate under the skin and when we're hot, we want to release the moisture. so it will accumulate under the skin and has nowhere to go. so it causes a little bit of itchiness. there are bumps usually in the area of the extremities. some people can see it on the chest, on the upper back, on
Jul 26, 2011 9:00am EDT
to be a friend of china and you are india and china. so our technology, our brainpower and what we did well is how the chinese are getting that technology and know-how in china. to what they called indigenous innovation. that's contrary to the wto obligation. what do they say to defend it? they say we're not really forcing the companies. it's not force technology. we're telling the companies if they want to be a friend of china and make money in china have got to transfer their r&d and technology. we're not violating our obligations at all. but we can we incentivize this game. we've got to get our house in order and we incentivize our guys. made we should have lower taxes on companies that produce gdp in this country and higher taxes on countries that produce gdp in china. there are all kinds of things we can do. we should not let this go on because our children's future is being sacrificed. >> the challenge does seem to be to try to package this as a national competitive strategy that doesn't run afoul of views on free trade. certainly, a lot of proposals like this run aground because they
Jul 26, 2011 2:00am EDT
. in the a 5%. the united states to%. -- india 5%. we need a national infrastructure bank. could have broad bipartisan support. it could help close the gap we need to restore roads, bridges, water systems, energy, telecommunications. allow us to build the 21st century and the structure. create jobs. jobs cannot be outsourced. help develop technology for the future. it is on the cutting edge of the technology once again. good jobs, well paying jobs, jobs one more time. we are a nation that consumes today. let us introduce legislation. american families are struggling today. we do not have the luxury for political games. that will create the jobs and rebuild america. >> thank you very much. the progressive caucus has been up until now on a five city tour. we have invited the local communities to come and talk to us about jobs and about what they see the american dream being. these are heart wrenching, very serious, anguished discussions. they involve the unemployed, the underemployed, and people looking for work who cannot find it. i would suggest to my republican colleagues that they need to
Jul 25, 2011 11:00pm EDT
india called allied pakistan with the united states in what i believe was the misnamed war on terror. surely it was a war against al qaeda and president musharraf was our ally in that effort. he allowed u.s. troops access to pakistani military airports and bases as well as logistical and other support. it was and remains a turbulent time. the good news was a serious effort at educational and economic reform. things that are now stalled because of a more recent development. the recent discovery in 2005 at the pakistan bomb a.q. khan sold technology to korea and elsewhere. then there was a protest by the legal community about the legality of the presidential -- the horrifying assassination of panettiere bhutto. his heart is all that was events have been even more challenging. the takedown of osama bin laden is something that many of us applaud, has exposed deep complex. the pakistani government recently ordered 200 u.s. special forces trainers to leave the country and that resulted in a suspension by the obama white house up $800 million in u.s. military aid. yesterday as i said congre
Jul 26, 2011 10:00am EDT
. this bill says companies have a right to outsource work to china, india, or wherever, even when they break the law when they do it. that is why this bill should be named the job out sorcerers bill of rights. republican intentions are clear. first they are coming for workers' rights, and then their jobs. today, in the american workplace, it is illegal to retaliate on workers exercising their rights under the laws of the country. these rights include the right to include and form a union, the right to strike, or even the right to sign a petition, asking for a raise or better safety equipment. but under this bill, these red become meaningless because there will be no effective remedy when jobs are outsourced and companies retaliate against those workers for exercising their right. no longer will there be a remedy for those workers. without an effective remedy, the republican's outsourcing bill of rights will make it easier to ship jobs overseas. it will also create a race to the bottom for american workers. workers will be exercise their rights less frequently. working conditions will all get
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)